Where and when is the wedding?

The wedding will be held 28/04 in Neot Hakikar, a Moshav south of the Dead Sea, where Noaa was born and raised. Neot Hakikar is about a 20 min drive to the southern shores of the dead sea.

The reception will start 17:30 and the ceremony at 18:30. Both will take place in the date plantation of Neot Hakikar. Later, we will move to Estee’s Pottery to have dinner and party till sunrise.

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How to get there?

The Moshav is about 2 hours drive south of Jerusalem or 2.5-3 hours from Tel Aviv. We highly recommend renting a car and driving there. It is more comfortable and, once there, will give you the possibility of exploring the area before and/or after the wedding.

Carpool your way to our wedding!

As not everyone will arrive at the same time and people will be visiting Israel before and after the wedding. To help organise the cars to get to Neot Hakikar, we have opened a CarPooling page where drivers can advertise their cars and passengers ask for a lift. Noaa’s friends will also offer their cars so some of you may get a ride on the same day from Tel-Aviv, Haifa or Jerusalem. Everything you need to know is here:

Take your chances with public transport!

If still you want to come to Neot Hakikar by public transport because it fits you better, no problem! It is still doable. If you choose this option please do not make last minute plans. Public transport services in Israel stops early on Fridays and resume only on Saturday evening. These are the pages for trains and buses in Israel.

  • Train: http://www.rail.co.il/EN/Pages/Homepage.aspx there is no train going through Neot Hakikar. Take a train to Beer Sheva and continue by bus from there.
  • Bus: http://www.egged.co.il/HomePage.aspx buses do not enter the village. Someone will have to go by car to pick you up so make sure you let us know in advance!
    • from Tel-Aviv, bus number 394. Get off at Ha’Arava junction.
    • from Beer Sheva, bus 397. Get off at Ha’Arava junction.
    • from Jerusalem bus 444. Get off at Neot Hakikar junction.

Don’t forget that the wedding is on Friday the 28th of April in the afternoon, make sure that you are there on time!