Meals in the Moshav

Above: Shakshuka, a typical Israeli breakfast dish. Here’s how to make a really good Shakshuka by our friend Delphine.

Neot Hakikar is strategically located in the middle of the nothingness. Therefore, food options are pretty limited. So, to get you all set, here’s all you need to know about meals while at the Moshav!

Meals by the pool

Koty is happy to offer you breakfast, lunch and an early dinner at the swimming pool kiosk in Neot Hakikar. No need to book, just head directly to the swimming pool. On the menu: burger and fries, hot-dogs, chicken nuggets, Greek salad, Jachnun, and more. Koty also serves ice creams, coffee, beer and soft drinks.

Opening hours:

  • Sun-Fri: 10:00-12:00, 15:00-18:00
  • Sat: 10:00-18:00

Cook your own!

Most accommodations in the moshav have an equipped kitchen, so there’s also the option of cooking you own meals. To shop for groceries, visit either the grocery store Alonir in Ein Tamar (3 min drive, has ATM) or the grocery store in Neot Hakikar.

Alonir (Ein Tamar) openning times:

  • Sunday-Thursday 8:00-13:00, 17:00-20:30
  • Friday 8:00-14:00
  • Saturday: 17:00-20:30

Ein Bokek dining options

20-25 minutes away is the Ein Bokek region by the dead sea. There, you will find restaurants and cafes like Taj Mahal Bar and Restaurant, Cafe Cafe, Beefpoint, and various hotel restaurants. There’s even a McDonald’s, in case you get really desperate! Quality is not guaranteed 🙂


Memorial day and Independence day in Israel

For those of you staying till Monday/Tuesday, you will be able to experience both Memorial day and Independence day.

Memorial day (Sunday eve to Monday afternoon), when Israel comes together to remember its fallen soldiers and the victims of terrorism, is a day respected all across the country. Memorial ceremonies are held on Sunday eve and Monday morning. Minutes of silence are held on Sunday evening and Monday morning. On Sunday eve, you will find many hospitality businesses closed across the country (restaurants, bars, cafes). Please be respectful of this day.

By complete contrast, the day after (Monday eve and Tuesday) is Independence day! This year Israel is celebrating its 69th anniversary, so it’s bound to get interesting. On Monday eve, starting 20:00, there will be parties, free concerts and loads of fireworks all over the country. There is no escaping this, so just go with the flow and enjoy! On Tuesday is the traditional day where all of Israel goes barbecuing – at the beach, the park, even the roundabouts! On that same day the air-force holds an air display and aerobatic flights throughout the country (8:30 to 15:00).

Ultimate Desert Jeep Tour (Sat, 29/04)

Explore the desert 4X4! We have organised a Jeep tour in the desert on Saturday from 14:00 to 16:00, leaving from Neot Hakikar. This should give you enough time to shake off the hangover, have breakfast and take a shower 🙂
The tour will take us to some of the wadis (dry rivers) of the valley of Sodom, and all the way up mount Sodom, where we will catch a spectacular view of the Southern Dead Sea and the Jordanian mountains. The jeep tour costs 100 NIS per person. It’s suitable for all public above 1 year old.

If you wish to join us on the tour, please fill in this amazing form (yeah, we love forms).
Thank you!

Driving in Israel

The easiest way to get to Neot Hakikar, and to explore Israel in general, is by car.

Do I need an international driver’s license?

EU driving license holders can drive in Israel for upto 1 year (see here). So no need to get an international driver’s license.

Toll roads 

There are, as far as we know, 3 toll roads in Israel:

  • Highway 6 – “Kvish shesh” – which crosses the country from North (close to Haifa) to South (Beer Sheva). Payment is done electronically, there are no tollbooths like in Europe. Most rental companies will charge you a
  • Carmel tunnels – “Minharot HaCarmel” – are a set of tunnel going under the city of Haifa, crossing the Carmel mountain from south to north. Unlike Highway 6, theCarmel tunnels do have tollbooths.
  • Highway 1 Fast lane – from Ben-Gurion International airport to Tel-Aviv. Payment is done electronically like in highway 6.


Street parking in Israeli cities normally requires a parking ticket. Street parking costs around 1€-1.50€/hr, depending on the municipality. In most cities you can simply use Pango, an application that allows you to pay via your mobile phone. Note that non-resident parking is normally marked by a blue-and-white curb.

Tel-Aviv is known to be extremely tricky to park in, but there are many parking lots available.

Experts’ recommendation: 

  • Highway 6 can save you a lot of time when travelling from south to north, and vice-versa. For example, use it for travelling from Jerusalem to Haifa, but not from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv. Use it to travel from Tel-Aviv to Beer Sheva, but not from Tel-Aviv to Haifa (highway 2 is normally more direct). Carmel tunnels and highway 1 fast lane are pretty much irrelevant for you.
  • Download and use WAZE. Waze was born in Israel! It is the most popular and, therefore, accurate navigation app in Israel. For those without a data plan, download your route when connected to WiFi and then navigate with GPS.
  • Most importantly – RELAX. If you’ve driven in Madrid, driving in Israel is a piece of cake. Drivers are Mediterranean and impatient, so our Spanish guests will feel right at home.
  • Just be aware that when driving south to Noaa’s village from either Jerusalem or Beer-Sheva, parts of the road are winding and curving so drive carefully. Both these roads (Jerusalem – Neot Hakikar and Dimona – Neor Hakikar) offer some beautiful scenery so best to keep them for daytime.
  • Last but not least: when driving from Jerusalem to the Dead sea or on road 443 from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, you will encounter a couple of check-points. Just smile to the soldiers and carry on 🙂

Check out this link for some more tips about driving in Israel.

Dress code

The dress code is a something that we have been asked since we announced the wedding. We want a wedding where everyone feels comfortable. Israel is the best example, here weddings are quite informal and we want this kind of dress code in our wedding. The ceremony, dinner and dancing will be on grass or sand (remember, we are in the desert :)). Also, the end of April in the Moshav is pretty warm…

Boys and girls, jeans and a t-shirt are perfectly fine.

  • Girls, no need to suffer! heels – out, flats – in! Wanna go fancy? pick your favourite dress to wear to the beach and put it on! Also, please no white dresses and in case of doubt: off-white is also white! 
  • Boys, wanna look elegant? you will look great in a pair of bermudas and a button down short sleeve shirt. Otherwise, heavy metal or classic music t-shirts are just perfect. Reggaeton t-shirts are banned, as is the music.

Please, we hope you respect our wishes: no shiny-fancy dresses, no white dresses, no high heels, no suits.