Memorial day and Independence day in Israel

For those of you staying till Monday/Tuesday, you will be able to experience both Memorial day and Independence day.

Memorial day (Sunday eve to Monday afternoon), when Israel comes together to remember its fallen soldiers and the victims of terrorism, is a day respected all across the country. Memorial ceremonies are held on Sunday eve and Monday morning. Minutes of silence are held on Sunday evening and Monday morning. On Sunday eve, you will find many hospitality businesses closed across the country (restaurants, bars, cafes). Please be respectful of this day.

By complete contrast, the day after (Monday eve and Tuesday) is Independence day! This year Israel is celebrating its 69th anniversary, so it’s bound to get interesting. On Monday eve, starting 20:00, there will be parties, free concerts and loads of fireworks all over the country. There is no escaping this, so just go with the flow and enjoy! On Tuesday is the traditional day where all of Israel goes barbecuing – at the beach, the park, even the roundabouts! On that same day the air-force holds an air display and aerobatic flights throughout the country (8:30 to 15:00).


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