Dress code

The dress code is a something that we have been asked since we announced the wedding. We want a wedding where everyone feels comfortable. Israel is the best example, here weddings are quite informal and we want this kind of dress code in our wedding. The ceremony, dinner and dancing will be on grass or sand (remember, we are in the desert :)). Also, the end of April in the Moshav is pretty warm…

Boys and girls, jeans and a t-shirt are perfectly fine.

  • Girls, no need to suffer! heels – out, flats – in! Wanna go fancy? pick your favourite dress to wear to the beach and put it on! Also, please no white dresses and in case of doubt: off-white is also white! 
  • Boys, wanna look elegant? you will look great in a pair of bermudas and a button down short sleeve shirt. Otherwise, heavy metal or classic music t-shirts are just perfect. Reggaeton t-shirts are banned, as is the music.

Please, we hope you respect our wishes: no shiny-fancy dresses, no white dresses, no high heels, no suits.


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